To enable our clients to focus on their core business while we take care of their office requirements, with integrity. All businesses are multi-faceted, and all these facets need to synchronise in perfect harmony to enable the business to initially function and ultimately flourish, therefore we try to implement the following criteria with all our clients:

Honesty: This is the foundation of our relationship with clients.
Confidentiality: Your business is our business and no one else's!
Client–centricity: Looking at your business from your perspective.
Client Growth: We choose to grow with our clients.
Optimism: We provide solutions; problems are what we solve.
Trustworthiness: You cannot trust an individual or an organisation that does not instill this quality.
Respect: Ultimately all individuals and companies deserve and strive for it.


KARNIC is focused on the individual, and as such we strive to empower and entrust each staff member to achieve the highest levels of competence, thus providing not only individual job satisfaction, but ultimately the best possible solutions and services to our clients.


A business is both unique and complex, yet at the same time certain basic principles are inherent to all businesses. At KARNIC we take all this into consideration and strive to help you maximize your business by providing you with quality products and reliable equipment. We offer an excellent service and are known in the market for this. Our motto is "We Move Mountains for our Clients"
Whether your business is an individual based company or an international organization we shall continuously strive to give you the exceptional level of service that you deserve.


KARNIC is a NAMIBIAN CORPORATION with a worldwide supply and manufacturing base, which are mostly facilitated through local distributors. While this route might have variable initial cost implications, we have found that the benefits of local warranties and support has decreased down-time to such a large extent that the initial cost implications become negligible to the point of non-existence. Many of our clients insist on locally purchased merchandise due to previous experiences with down time related to direct imports.

Karnic was appointed as an HP Select Partners in 2006, to Strategic Partners in 2007and recently appointed as Image & Printing HP Partners in 2010.

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16 Edison Street, Southern Industrial.

P.O.Box 96544, Wika, Windhoek,
Tel: 061 - 225 901/2

Fax: 061 - 225 801

E-mail: shannon@karnic.com.na
Online Shop: www.karnic.co.za

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